Main Water Line Repairs

main line water repairs

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Contact Baumbach Plumbing & Remodeling Services LLC to get professional main water line repair in the Fairfax Station, VA area. We’re a leading local plumbing company here to make main water line and sewer line problems disappear. When dealing with a main line issue, fast repairs are essential to guarantee a fresh water supply and no service interruptions. Main line leaks are often tricky because they’re hard to notice from inside your house. Often, people recognize they have a main line leak when they get higher water bills or still see water usage when the main switch is turned off inside. Our team has years of experience identifying and fixing every possible plumbing issue, and we can get to you quickly to fix your main line and get everything back in order.

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Professional Main Water Line Repair

How do you know when you have a problem with your main water line? Typically, here are some of the signs of a main line clog or leak.

  • Higher water bills
  • Dead spots in your lawn
  • Poor water pressure
  • Pooling water on your lawn
  • Water meter running when the house main is off

These are some of the most common signs you need professional main line plumbing repair. If you think you have a problem but aren’t sure, give us a call and tell us what’s happening. We’re happy to send a licensed plumber to your house to take a look.

Typically, spot repairs can solve leaks and other minor plumbing issues. It’s easy for debris to accumulate in main lines, which impacts water pressure and increases the risk of clogs. In addition, tree roots grow into pipes that trigger leaks.

We use advanced video inspection and other tools to identify where the problems are and perform main water line repair that gets your pipes back in great shape. Our team will be there quickly to stop leaks and save you money.

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